My Music

Autumn Term 2011

Ongoing Rehearsals:

Junior Orchestra: Weekly Sessions: Various arrangements and repertoire on a 4 week rota 

Piano Accompanying: Weekly Performance Module lesson with Year 13-Friday afternoons.

Teaching: 2nd half of AutumnTerm.

Year 7:  Rhythm and Notation. African Drumming and learning the keyboard 


Year 8:  Ternary Form project and Classical Composers project

Year 9: Jazz, Blues and writing a Christmas carol to a set chord structure

Year 13: Performance Accompanying as part of the A2-Level Practical requirement


4 Responses to My Music

  1. danielle10 says:

    Love this page! I’m a (now rusty) violinist. I’ve played since I was six can’t get enough music. I recently took up the piano accordion for fun and for a new challenge, it’s been neat!

  2. Fantastic-a fellow asthmatic Classical Musician! Did you ever take any of the ABRSM Exams? They do have them in Canada and the States. I’m an Examiner!

    If you click my link (the red crown logo) it should take you through to their website and you could find out about Graded repertoire for Violin there.

    Keep up the Accordian too. Lots of Jigs and Scottish reels. Such fun.
    I wrote one last term for my WInd Band to play-The Lochside Heather. Would have been lovely to have had an Accordian player in it!

  3. Emz says:

    whoop xD rehearsals with meeeeee…soo when are you free next? ;P
    haha xxxxx

  4. Hi Emz-dunno-my Week 1 timetable is more complicated, but I have Period 1 free on Wednesday and Friday. And P7 on Friday.
    But we may be able to do something during one of your Mrs N lessons if they’re when I am free…..


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