My RH Sidebar

I may not have updated my blog with a new post each day, but I will always keep my side bar up to date. So if you’re interested in reading how I am faring, or flaring, the following explains the info you’ll find in my sidebar widgets.

My LUNG SERENADE of the Day:

Here you’ll find my Morning Statistics-Overnight oxygen usage, SATS %age, Post Neb Peak Flow Reading, which Zone I am in and how my Breathing has been in the past 24 hours.

I’m a bit of a chronic yellow zoner-maybe yellow is my green. It’s rare but marvellous whenI do flirt with the green, but don’t be too dismayed by the amount of yellow readings I publish!

For info:

Green (100%- 80%)= 360-290

Yellow (80%-50%))=290-180

Red (50% or lower)=180


My SWIMMING Total for 2011

This is where I keep a track of my swimming sessions. I like to try to swim 40 laps which is a kilometre, but this year, 2011 I am going to keep a track of the number of trips to the Club for a swim I have notched up.

I swim in an indoor semi saline semi chlorine private health club pool. My swim usually takes me about 30mins and I try to keep up my pulmonary rehab by swimming on as many days as possible. It is my way of fighting the steroid myopathy (muscle loss from the long term Prednisolone) and constant shortness of breath (SOB).

I always finish off with a dose of desert style air in a hot, dry sauna-I cannot go in the steam rooms as humidity upsets my lungs too much. I do sometimes spend a moment in the jacuzzi-particularly if I have any muscle aches and pains.


My Next Few Days’ Schedule

Here I document any interesting events coming up in the week that may be affected if my lungs decide to pull a flare on me!

I work 3 days  (Wed, Thurs, Frid) teaching class music in Junior High School.

My other four days of the weeks involve recovery time. It is somewhat of a catch 22 cycle!



One Response to My RH Sidebar

  1. You might consider using a lung flute. Seems to work for asthma, even for severe asthma.

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