It’s The ‘Pepper Nose Feverish Coldy’ Time!

December 14, 2011

…..I have a cold!…..

But not that you’d really notice, I just feel utterly crap as opposed to those who sound coldly crap or look it with their noses running down their face. Mine never does that. It’s the low grade fever and headache and my itching peppery nose that makes me feel so  bleugh!

Having survived almost the whole term dodging germs of all sizes, we went to Mark and Kate’s wedding on Saturday and it seems I’ve brought more than memories away with me. Somebody I hugged or air kissed has breathed the lurgy of the moment over my persona and I’m now riddled with a pepper nose (feel I want to sneeze all the time), ear ache and a fever.

Oh well, nothing I can do really except take the Lemsip to school with me and keep warm-fat chance in our ‘practically below the legal limit music room that I’m teaching in first thing!’-and drink loads to wash it out of me. Doesn’t feel like this is anything more than a head cold, so I shouldn’t be fussing, but it’s already got me in a quandary over my Pred reduction. I’ve been struggling on 30mg-and already so SOB that things are really tough and very uncomfortable-and to think, the plan was I was actually going to go down to 25mg on Friday-big problem there, me thinks that may have to wait. I’m racked with aches and pains as it is and feeling yeuch from the less Pred, how simply dare a cold now show it’s ugliness. As if I haven’t got a big enough case of the reduction blues already.

…..Oh well, off to school to mingle my germs with those of approximately twelve hundred others!…..

Post Script: The second this hints at going south I’m bringing in the SAS!



A Special Day at Denbies

December 12, 2011

…..Saturday December 10th 2011…..

My Cousin Mark and his Girlfriend Katarina held their wedding at Denbies Wine Estate in Surrey.

It was a lovely cold frosty atmospheric December afternoon and a gathering of our extended family, most of whom we haven’t seen in four years. How nice to all be together again to celebrate a happy event.

The food was lovely, albeit lacking in meat!, and the wine certainly flowed. We were treated to a tour of the estate on a little train and a private wine tasting which was very fun.

The Bride and bridesmaids looked beautiful, and my cousin Mark and his Best Man, his Brother Peter both looked very dapper in their tails.

Anna-Bell had a lovely day at Kizzie’s cuddling up on the sofa with her and playing with Poppy.

We got back at 9pm after a fast frosty drive, and flopped in front of X Factor!

…..No doubt, my late Grandparents would have been looking down on us all at the event and smiling with pride at their lovely family……


A Visit from Elisheva!

December 6, 2011

…..So a 3rd member of my worldwide online community came to visit with us at home in London…..

Or as my Dear friend, AG, who started this whole visiting ball rolling back in June said, our house is fast becoming the Asthma Embassy of London!

I picked Eli7 up from Ruislip station on a cold and frosty Monday morning, after her early 6am start from Luton airport. Geez, why do people visit England in the Winter! Brrrr.

We went home and settled her in comfortably on the same sofa Steve had sat on, 2 weeks previously-(I should get a plaque of the names of all my visitors who have sat there, actually!)

And the doglet appeared and jumped all over Elisheva and had her usual tuggie tuggie fun and games! AB was extremely fascinated in Eli7’s rucksack-could have been due to the enormous stash of chocolate she had with her! She gave us lovely gifts of Israeli Halva and Bittersweet chocolate with nougat in which sounds amazing.

We chatted away happily -Britain’s Got Talent, Eurovision Song contest, all things Jewish, and of course, Eli7’s WAD party!-and at 10am decided to go to my Club to have a posh coffee. It was a nice drive in the frostiness and I hope she enjoyed seeing something of our surrounding area and actually how rural we are here.

The Club was bustling. They had a Christmas bazaar on and everybody was wearing funny hats which really amused her. I showed her my pool where I swim so she can now picture me there. She seemed amused by the reserved parking space up front that I have my badge for!

We got back home at about 11.30am and Julian was awake and up (he’d been working all weekend and was whacked out!). This meant we were able to get him to take the statutory photo.

I then did my ‘Jewish Mother’ impression and made her a packed lunch of kosher cream cheese and bagels to eat on the long train journey up north, and got her back to Ruislip station at 12pm in time to get to Euston for her 1.30pm train.

**J and I were very relieved to hear when she was on the train, munching and ready to depart.**

It was such a lovely morning, meeting with a special friend who had journeyed so far. And so confident to travel alone in a strange country and I’m glad that now she is back on her Symbicort – she was breathing excellently.

…..However, I have a strong suspicion that when she arrived in the Lake District that evening, they’d had heavy snow! Safe travels, Eli7 and enjoy Barcelona next week…..

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2011

…..Or more commonly known in this house as ‘Pumpkin Pie Day!…..

I had to rush around after school yesterday to get the items for our menu. This year it will just be a quiet version for Julian and I, oh, and Anna-Bell of course-she loves turkey.

I’m doing a Barefoot Contessa style menu, so our sides will be Parmsesan mashed potatoes, sprouts, red cabbage and carrot puree.

I am yet to decide whether I can get my act together to make the corn bread at 4pm after school, it will be ‘puff’ depending! And I think the Pumpkin Pie is getting missed out this year as it’s just the 2 of us, I’ll whip up a butterscotch dessert instead, but we are still celebrating as we have a lot to thank those Pilgrim Fathers for!

One of my friends, Sara has been FB-ing a daily Thank you in her ‘November of Thankfullness’, a brilliant idea. Another one of my friends, Patricia, uses her 365 photo to post a ‘Day of Gratitude’.

I think I should have  a year of gratitude-there is just so much to be thankful for. Family, Friends and in this time of recession, Financial Security. I might not have the best of health but I function with what I have got and I am eternally thankful for all the support and love I have received from such an incredible network of friends here.

I truly have the best partner and the best doggie daughter I could ever wish for: Yes, I am truly thankful this Thanksgiving.

…..So may your turkey be stuffed full and may your house smell delicious and may all your dreams and prayers be answered. Happy Thanksgiving….

Meeting Steve!

November 23, 2011

…..I feel so blessed, for yesterday, Tuesday 22nd November 2011, Steve came to our house!…..

There are friends we have and people we meet in life that for whatever reason fulfil a purpose and a need. I have been friends with Steve for many years, online, in the capacity of our blogs, finding out about his ability to cover the marathon distance on foot, the SARP group and of course, our asthma. Which Steve always cracks me up laughing by saying is ‘hardcore’. I haven’t met anybody with asthma as severe as mine, although dare I say it, he wins!! He shares my  zest for life, lives every moment with such passion and gratitude, makes so little fuss, and  basically gets outs there and grabs every opportunity to meet the world, which is precisely what he has done on his whirl wind trip to England. He shares my “I won’t be defeated mentality”  That is to coin his phrase, hardcore.

Well yesterday, we got to have a real live hug, in person, in the flesh, when we picked him up from our local tube station at Noon. We both had tears in our eyes. It was one of those special moments I just wanted to bottle it. Something that can’t really be beaten, and means more in my heart than words could ever express.

The best thing about the afternoon-seeing Steve WELL-knowing that the adrenaline and excitement of his trip had carried him safely along without respiratory hiccup-and getting to talk face to face with the one guy who really knows what my day to day is like. I love the fact that we laughed, lots!

But guess who wheezed?

Guess who was getting SOB and had to do a neb treatment?

Guess who got all huffy puffy when we went on a little excursion to see some local history?

Not Steve! Dear oh dear. I shall laugh about that too in the future. How my lungs decided they had to embarrass me!

And not only did Steve embrace us warmly in our home, he also brought along a little something for the doglet. Yes. Anna-Bell is now the proud owner of a tiny Kong teddy, which Steve got roped into playing tuggie tuggie with, incessantly. Yuppers. Love me, love my doglet, just as our dear Chihuahua friends, Mr and Mrs AG had done when they came out to visit us on their trip to the UK in June.

I truly am blessed. All these people who give up their precious vacation time just to say ‘hello’! And I was so grateful my J was home from work and joined in our chats-somewhat spilling the beans though about what a stubborn patient I can be, but also taking some photos for the both of us.

Yes we laughed, we really did. We shared kettle chips and nibbles and we discussed and we laughed more, which has to be the best therapy of all even if I did get a little chesty!

…..So that date will go down in my diary as one of the best and most special. Hopefully to be repeated some day, maybe in SFO. Who knows. Take care, Steve, thank you, and safe flight home…..

Monday= our Designated Delia Day!

November 22, 2011

…..In the good old tradition of Stir up Sunday, Happy Delia Day!….

Waitrose supermarket have declared that Stir up Sunday be renamed Delia Day due to her £10 Christmas cake box set flying off the shelves in such quantities.

Well, we were busy yesterday visiting with my Sister, so I am having a stir up Monday instead to make my Delia cake, here goes!

Step one: Pre Prep. I got all the ingredients to add to the box set ready!

Step two: Mixy mixy! In my lovely Kenwood Prospero (And then a manual lucky stir and a wish from J!)

Step three: Dollopped in the tin!

Step four: Bakey bakey at gas mk 1 (for four hours!)

Step five: Yum, it smells delicious!

…..The proof will be in the eating!…..

Foggy Birthday Party!

November 21, 2011

…..Yesterday we had an incredible day of thick, cold fog…..

We went to visit my Sister in Esher as it was Oliver’s birthday, and I tried to take photos coming round the M25 whilst J was driving-but you could barely make out the dot matrix boards. The Christmas lights in Ruislip were seemingly invisible as the cloud was really down to ground level.

One of my dear friends, Michelle put this picture online a few days ago and I asked to borrow it.

It gives a really good indication of how fog can affect me. Although we did celebrate Oli-Will’s birthday and managed a very foggy walk around my Sister’s estate.

And then last night, as quickly as the fog had appeared, it went! When we went out again at 8pm to pick up some pizza express salads, it was largely gone. Not soon enough though, given the havoc it played with my lungs particularly in the late afternoon as darkness fell. But a bolus dose of Pred and the air con running on dehumidify all night long has now largely fixed things again for me!

…..And yes, sometimes it is ok to just sit and breathe, particularly if it is really foggy outside!…..