My 2nd Blogiversary!

January 11, 2012

…..So I’ve just realised, I’m celebrating 2 years of this blog!….

A lot has happened in the 200 posts I’ve written. It would be interesting to track back and re read. But the story continues. I’m a musician and a teacher with rather spurny lungs. Hence the title!

So what’s been happening recently?

Well this is my 2nd week back at school in the New Year too. I’m still saying Happy New Year to people as that’s how I am, and I am still hanging onto that feel good Christmas spirit even though the decorations are now down and packed away in the loft.

Today I’m in recovery from a nasty 24hr sickness bug, no doubt brought home from the germ factory, and my lungs are twitching away merrily. The weather is ridiculously mild and we could really do with a cold snap to kill of the lurgies.

My thoughts for 2012: To try and get that oboe played more. I’m cracking on with my reed making, have about a half dozen in the finishing stages-I’d like to get my oboe serviced and ship shape-it has gone a little to pot sitting in it’s case for the past 6 years. But that all depends on my lungs, which have been rather grotty lately. We’ll see.

And in a couple of weeks, we will be celebrating having had Anna-Bell for a whole year. Wow! That WILL be special!

…..Off to school now!…..